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Join as a Cadet

Step 1

Find a local CAP Cadet or Composite Squadron 

Step 2

Contact the squadron and arrange to visit a meeting with your parents. 

To join Las Cruces Composite Squadron, please email Maj Matt Rittenhouse to schedule a visit.

Step 3

Attend at least three weekly meetings. By attending at least three weekly meetings, it allows the potential cadet and parent to get a better understanding of the program and the variety of activities the squadron conducts throughout the month.

Step 4 

Submit your application:


Ask your squadron commander if you are eligible to apply online.  Only new cadets can join online.  Former members have to submit a paper application.

When you join online, your form of payment is charged immediately.  However, the membership is in a pending status until the squadron commander verifies the prospective cadet's proof of identity. 

Once the proof of identity has been confirmed, the commander can approve the application and the cadet will be an active member.   For a list of acceptable documents used for the proof of identity, please see Attachment 2 in CAP Regulation 39-2 CAP Membership.

Annual membership dues vary by state.

Click here for the membership dues table.

Step 5 

Bring the proper identification for each applicant to the next meeting so the Squadron Commander can review it.  More information about this requirement will be provided during orientation.

If there are no issues with the application, the Squadron Commander will approve and submit the application to CAP National Headquarters for processing.

Once the application is processed, the member will receive a welcome email from National Headquarters.

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